Wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth typically erupts between 18-24 years old. Sometimes, they erupt vertically in line with the other teeth and do not cause much problem. However, when they erupt at an angle or are impacted, it makes cleaning difficult and bacteria harbours around the tooth and gums. This causes potential decay and gum disease.

If wisdom tooth extraction is needed, our clinic offers surgical extraction that is FULLY CLAIMABLE under the Medisave scheme.

Initial Consultation

Our dentist will do a thorough dental examination and you will be asked to take an OPG (Orthopantomagram) x-ray. With the x-ray, the dentist will be able to determined whether a surgery is required. If surgery is required, the surgery fees of $1250 nett will be fully claimable under the CPF medisave scheme.

This is my first surgery, what do I need to know?

A wisdom tooth surgery is a day surgery. The dentist will explain the procedure to you before we begin. It is strongly encouraged that you have a good meal before the surgery. Local anesthesia will be used for the procedure, therefore, eating and drinking might be challenging right after the surgery as your jaw is still numb.

You will be given some medications to help with the pain and swelling. Our dentist will explain to you on how to care for the wound and the dos and don'ts during the recovery period. Medical certificate will be issued to you during the recovery period as well.
Disclaimer: These are general information provided in layman terms for easy understanding of various common scenarios. It is not meant to be an online consultation. Your problem and situation may be different from what was described above. Thus, your dentist will need to advise you accordingly. A dentist consultation is essential before any treatment can be done. Please book an appointment for your consultation today!

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