Smile makeover

Smile makeover

"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do" There are many ways we can help improve your smile!


Do you have discoloured teeth or are the front teeth slightly misaligned? Veneers can cover the top layer of the teeth with minimal trimming. This helps to mask any discolouration of your teeth. In addition, if your front teeth are only slightly misaligned, veneers can sometimes help to correct the aesthetics without needing to do braces! Consult with our dentist today!

Tooth whitening

Yellowish teeth? Teeth whitening can be done either with a take-home kit or instantly at the clinic! The take-home kit needs to be worn nightly for approximately 2 weeks before whitening results are seen, while the in-office kit can achieve your whitening results in 2 hours. Do note that some patients may experience post-whitening teeth sensitivity which may subside over time.

Tooth bonding

Do your front teeth have a small gap between? Depending on the size of the gap, you may be able to close the gap and improve your smile by doing fillings, or veneers or crowns. Discuss with our dentist today!
Disclaimer: These are general information provided in layman terms for easy understanding of various common scenarios. It is not meant to be an online consultation. Your problem and situation may be different from what was described above. Thus, your dentist will need to advise you accordingly. A dentist consultation is essential before any treatment can be done. Please book an appointment for your consultation today!