Are you experiencing pain or sensitivity when you eat or drink? Do you notice a hole in your tooth?

Tooth decay (dental caries) is one of the most common dental disease. It is caused by bacteria which converts sugar from food and drinks into acids that dissolve tooth enamel and dentine over time. Slowly, the tooth integrity is weakened, and finally collapses into a hole or cavity. Imagine a cave with its roof collapsing!

Often, tooth decay can be arrested before pain or sensitivity begins. When the tooth decay is shallow and the nerves are not affected, a simple filling/restoration will suffice. However, when tooth decay is left to progress, it becomes deeper until it reaches the nerve/pulp of the tooth. This results in tooth infection and pain. These teeth will then most likely require either root canal treatment or extraction to remove the infection.

Root Canal Treatment

This is a procedure performed to save your painful or infected tooth. The treatment, done under local anaesthesia, disinfects the insides of the tooth while preserving the tooth. The pain will eventually subside as the infection is removed. Although you will be able to keep the tooth, the tooth is now greatly weakened structurally. Thus, in most cases, the tooth will require a post and core together with a crown to reinforce it and prevent premature fracture.


In some cases, the tooth has very little tooth structure left, and thus cannot be salvaged. In such cases, extraction is the only option to remove the infected tooth. But do not worry, as there are options to replace your missing tooth so you’ll not have to live with a gap.
Disclaimer: These are general information provided in layman terms for easy understanding of various common scenarios. It is not meant to be an online consultation. Your problem and situation may be different from what was described above. Thus, your dentist will need to advise you accordingly. A dentist consultation is essential before any treatment can be done. Please book an appointment for your consultation today!