Missing Tooth?

Missing Tooth?

Do you have missing tooth/teeth? Do you want to improve your smile by replacing the missing ones? Or do you have reduced chewing ability thus cannot enjoy your favourite meal?


Denture are often either made of full acrylic or metal frame (Cobalt chrome base). This is usually the fastest and most economical way of replacing your missing teeth. However, denture teeth are less aesthetic and feels bulky in your mouth at first. It also requires more maintenance as they have to be removed nightly to brush and soak in cleaning solutions. If you don’t mind the hassle, then you may consider this option! Otherwise, you may also choose to do a bridge or an implant to replace your teeth.


Bridge are done by trimming the natural supporting teeth on both sides of the gap. A whole section of crowns are then fixed over your tooth to support the bridge. No surgery is needed. However, your own natural teeth needs to be trimmed smaller, thus can be wasteful.


In recent years, implants are a popular choice in replacing missing teeth. This is because it does not require the trimming of any of your natural teeth. The implant is independent and functions just like your own teeth. As it is fixed in your jawbone, maintenance is easy with flossing and brushing. Of course, regularly dental check up is also important to keep your implant and surrounding gums clean and healthy.

However, implant requires a small surgery to fix the implant in. Also, a waiting time of typically 3-6 months is required for the bone to heal around the implant (known as osseointegration). Once the implant if fully osseointegrated, the dentist can then make a mould to fix your custom-made crown in. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait! In our clinic, we are equipped with a 3D X-ray scanner that can make better implant planning for better long-term success. Consult with our dentists today on our affordable pricing!
Disclaimer: These are general information provided in layman terms for easy understanding of various common scenarios. It is not meant to be an online consultation. Your problem and situation may be different from what was described above. Thus, your dentist will need to advise you accordingly. A dentist consultation is essential before any treatment can be done. Please book an appointment for your consultation today!